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Some images from the latest installation at P3Studio inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas.
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Front Desk at P3Studio and Alexander G. Lyle, creator of Spiral Chapel.

Some MARRY YOUR SELF Participants At P3Studio/Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
timValerie Mras

This is the first video I created to explain the work.
Click here to play on Vimeo.
EncouragingPriestess Gabrielle St. Evensen

Wedding Photos!
Public Wedding Photos Albums of Marry Yourself! participants.
Let me know if you would like a higher resolution version emailed to you.
For Flash galleries, you can also screengrab photos (How? - MAC / Windows).
Some photos are blurry but fun so I left most everything we shot.
Private event photos are not here.

Most recent installation - P3 Studio at The Cosmopolitan Hotel - May 14 through June 7, 2015
Photo Gallery for Week 1 (of 4 weeks)

OUR FIRST EVENT (At House of Collection, Brooklyn, Spring NYC 2008)
THE BRICKYARD (For Prospect 1 at KK Projects in New Orleans, October 2008)
VAMPIRES from The Endless Night Vampire Ball at The House of Blues Halloween 2009
LONDON and Set-Up and More Set-Up Pix (The 12 hour event: Visions of Excess at Shunt Vaults for SPILL Festival Spring 2009)
FIGMENT June 2009 (Governors Island NYC - Figment Festival)
FIGMENT June 2011 (Governors Island NYC - Figment Festival)
BURNING MAN -- August 2011
LOST HORIZON NIGHT MARKET (Yes, in a truck. LHNM NYC, Oct 15, 2011
CHASHAMA Windows -April 2012 NYC - Chashama.org and NEA thankies!
FIGMENT 2012 - Day 1 (June 9) and Day 2 (June 10)... Figment Festival
BURNING MAN -- August 2012



P3Studio/Cosmopolitan Promo Video
Photography by Pippin
Actors: Laurie Maynard and Dan Grennes , plus actual particpants

Original Explanation Video
Shot by Mitchell V. Reichler
Starring Christian Blood, Drew Feuer, and Nicole Blackman
Encouraging Priestess - Gabrielle St. Evensen (L. Gabrielle Penabaz)
Special thanks to Paige Stevenson (House of Collection) for letting us use her loft.

by Ted D'Ottavio
Body Art and Pasties made by Amber Ray