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"Til Death Do You Part - Marry Yourself!"
is a one-on-one live-art piece
You "marry your self" - not someone else.

You take it as seriously or whimsically as you like.

writer/interdisciplinary performance artist/filmmaker/candy coated subversive

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Kristy Totten for LAS VEGAS WEEKLY (as pdf)
Sara Benincasa for XO Jane 01 (as pdf) & 02 (as pdf)
and Jen+Peter/Greenpointers (as pdf)

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THoSE=The House of St. Eve


You will marry yourself (not someone else) in this quickie, Lost-Vegas parody of a western marriage ceremony, but cheaper. It's also Non-denominational.

No need for a bride or groom, or anyone or anything else.
All you need is your willingness to commit to an experience.

We provide an Encouraging Priestess, a host-guide, some costuming, toy rings, a mirror and multiple-choice vows. You get a personal wedding cupcake, and a photo.

There are pre-printed multiple choice vows to use as inspiration to write your own
or you can just check off the boxes.

On special occasions, we might also give you "Just Married" helium balloons for you to flaunt.

Here is a sample PDF of vows.

You may bring your own rings and vows.

Want the mini-exorcism/divorce from past selves? Just ask. It's on the form.

Wear whatever makes you happy - costumes are welcome. It's your ceremony.

Friends and Groups may attend at your discretion or you may go it in private.
It's your wedding.

You can even take vows together, but you would not be marrying each other.
It would just be noisy.
Fun, tender, spirited, but noisy. And that's fine too.
It's your wedding.

It's kitschy and celebratory, but honestly, there is power in the vows.

Once you fill out the vows, you'll realized that you deserve as much love, support and discipline as you give and expect from others. Or not, and maybe you have work ahead of you. Or maybe it's just fun food for thought. We encourage thoughts.

Take your vows home as a personal contract.

It's all you, baby. We're just here to encourage you.



Are you ready to marry yourself?

Two people marrying each other is often a marriage of families, regardless of economic background. When you marry yourself, it's just between you and you. Your left and right brain. You can invite friends and family to your sacred ritual, but since you are both bride and groom, you don't have to worry about politics. You can, if you like, create a wishlist or registry if you need some Calphalon pans or a bread machine after your nuptials. At least your friends know who will keep their gift if you break up. And I'm here to tell you that you really have no choice but to work through the hard times. Your vows will be etched in your soul until death do you part.

What you will encounter is your own depths and your own glass ceilings. You might encounter old bugaboos like the age-old question, "Would you marry you, knowing what you do?"
This is where it gets interesting and your vows are key to the experience. Choose wisely.

Some people are living a life that is fully committed to the kind of happiness that inherently breeds solid relationships with other people. This is different than simply being committed to other people. You can do that too, but only after you've gotten serious about who you are, what you want, and what you are convinced you deserve.

This is the work after the ceremony. If monogamy makes you feel that you are missing out on life, then you are coming from a place of lack. When you are whole, then anybody else you connect with is a partner on your journey, an enhancement to your life. The self-wedding ceremony is meant to spur you forth into this journey.

Your choices about what is acceptable, perfect or joyous may change, but the point is to give it all some thought. You're not an oarless boat unless you want to be. Apathy is also a choice.

Married people are confident and alluring to others. Marrying yourself is about making considered choices and sticking to them with integrity. I have cheated on myself many times but I am still together and going strong. Integrity is difficult because it requires more than self-policing. It is about permanent internal change and evolution.

Any wedding is just "day one" of your marriage. Be okay with failing some days and you'll drive yourself less crazy if you are the worrying kind. If you are already married or are thinking of marrying another person in the traditional sense, you are not cheating. The core idea is to free your relationships from neediness. I like to think of life as a vehicle that I drive, and my friends, family and partners are my passengers not hijackers. Let's make it a good trip.

I'm also convinced that even kitschy, arty steps toward self-realization relieve stress and are therefore good for your skin.


Performance Credits

'Til Death Do You Part - Marry Yourself!
is performed for private events and also publicly.


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' P3 Studio, in partnership with Art Production Fund
Spiral Chapel by Alexander G. Lyle
Host Guides: Audrey Barcio and Sara D'Arce with Ppn on cameras.
Special thanks to:
Cory Mervis without whom I would have never even known about this opportunity and her continued support throughout the project.
Brian Rogerson of Sin City Scenic for their unflinching helpfulness, and Tim Lacatena!
The Cosmopolitan's Krista Chmielewski, Irene Webber, Renata Follman, Nicole Sanchez
Brad Seidel and Wendy Sloan of Kirvin|Doak, and Alison Zarrella of Let's Rally.

2013 - Gala Performance -
Chapel By: Christopher Trujillo, Host Guide Alexander Lyle, Photographer: Alex Colby

2012 Artist-In-Residence - Special thanks to Anita Durst and Janusz Jaworski of Chashama.
Magical Pathway Chapel - Alexander Lyle
Window performance art by John Bonafede (who also helped with setup).
Lovelove to my honorable Host-Guides (alphabetically by first name)
Indoor-Gallery : Abby Ehmann, Dana Divine, Lamia Akar, and Ppn.
Reception: Ahnika Delirium, Raven Solano, Thomas Gordon
Helpers: AJ Slater, Anastasia Kolesnyk, Big Bruce, Christian Xtn Hansen (cake!), Dan Glass, Gloria Garcia, James Arthur Vogel, and Rachel Alba.

Burning Man -
2012 - As part of the Burning Man Project.
Chapel by Alexander Lyle.
Host-Guides: Alexander Lyle, Blair Golson, Ppn-photos.
Special thanks to $teven Raspa and Doron Amiran
2011 - Love to Nicole Possin of Whiskey And Whores with Ppn and Katy Cole as Host-Guides.

Figment Festival (various over the years) - Special Thanks to Smash and "Not that Dave".
And smooches to my lovely host guides - Ahnika Delerium, Justin Brinker and Sarah Sparkles, Lamia Akar, Thomas Gordon, Michelle Bruenn, and Ppn xo

The Lost Horizon Night Market - Special thanks to Mark and Kevin. Warm, yummy fuzzies to the Host-Guides Christine "Ammo" O'Day and (double-dutying as interior designer) Alexander Lyle and the angel, Ppn.

KKProjects - Life is Art Foundation
as part of the New Orleans Biennial - PROSPECT 1
Special thanks to performance curator: Kóan Jeff Baysa, KK Gallery people: Kirsha Kaechele, Katherine Bray, Adrinadrina, especially Andrew Freeman for his utter selflessness,
and love to Ego Artifex - Don Guarnieri.

The Spill Festival / Visions of Excess
at The Shunt Vaults in London
Host-Guide Geordi Blake
Special Thanks to Nicole Blackman, Bernadette Louise
Ron Athey, Lee Adams, and of course Robert Pacitti, with Estelle & Jen from Pacitti Co.
SetUp help: Nao + the sexy boy whose name escaped us forever

Endless Night Festival at The House of Blues, New Orleans
Special Thanks to Father Sebastiaan and my lovely host-guide Zalia Beville

House of Collection - Brooklyn, NY
Before there were host-guides there was Amber Ray who showed up as a human bouquet and decided to help in such a way as to invent the host-guide concept. I still wear her swarovski flowers in my priestess garb. Velocity Chyaldd was the first-ever participant who walked me through the first ceremony, and cemented the concept of repeating the vows into the mirror.
Special thanks to Paige Stevenson and Ahnika Delerium whose home makes much magic in this world.