Photo by Ted D'Ottavio
Styling, Sparkle Heart Bodypaint & Jewel Pasties
created by Amber Ray, onto Gabrielle.

'Til Death Do You Part - MARRY YOURSELF

is a one-on-one live-art piece in a private chapel/installation
You marry yourself - not someone else.

No bride, groom or inlaws required.

The artist is the Encouraging Priestess.
You are the participant.

A host-guide explains the procedure at the venue.

And there is written material at the venue

And you can read more here.

Hey, it's your wedding.

Yes, "self-marriage" is all over the news.
We're not surprised.
Find out more, especially if you're feeling cynical.
Above all else, we have a sense of humor.
It's performance-art. That leaves the rest to you.