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Gabrielle Heron

As a bilingual, multi-media performance artist of Cuban and Irish heritage, Gabrielle Heron thrives on connecting with people through her voice and imagery. From creating cinematic theatrical presentations to officiating traditional weddings, the skills accrued in event planning, leadership, and artistic expression blend seamlessly into all of her work.

For instance, her expertise in audio engineering, learned in rockband life and developed through delivering polished corporate voiceovers, enhances the quality of guided meditations. Additionally, her extensive performance background grants her a deep understanding of client needs, encompassing aesthetics, timing, and audience engagement.

Since 2006, Gabrielle's self-wedding installation/performance, "‘Til Death Do You Part. Marry Yourself!” (performed under Gabrielle St. Evensen and Penabaz), has garnered success at events like The Burning Man Project, Figment Festival, The New Orleans Biennial, Spill Festival of Performance in London, and as an Art Production Fund resident at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as in private ceremonies. It was through this project that she developed the character of the “Encouraging Priestess”, marrying over 1500 people to themselves.

Now, embracing the name Gabrielle Heron, she sees her role as an "encouraging priestess" as a way to channel art in all forms, serving others and facilitating meaningful connections.